What is ClickUp and Why You Need It

Whenever I onboard a new client, I get asked the million dollar question… “What is ClickUp and why do I need it?”

Well, besides the fact that it will save you time, money, and effort… ClickUp can also liberate you from needing to remember (and juggle) 99,999,999 things that comes with running a business!

Imagine having your focus locked on your high value project and actually meet the deadline.

Imagine leading your organization and conquering metrics that matter, but without burning yourself out.

As a mother of 5 (okay, 6… because doggo!), I don’t think I would be able to manage having my own business + live the stay-at-home mom life. I’ve used it to track tasks in my personal life, measure my progress, and help other entrepreneurs do the same.

Trust me, it has been A-MA-ZING and it’s going to keep getting even better!

What is ClickUp?

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Okay, I’m sure you’re pretty curious about (vaguely gestures at the entirety that is ClickUp), so let’s get you up to speed!

If you’re familiar with other tools such as Monday.com, Asana, Trello, Basecamp, or Teamwork, you’ll soon learn that ClickUp is in the same wheelhouse.

ClickUp is a cloud-based project and task management tool that can be used by ANYONE.

clickup used as a household checklist

(Hello, convenience!)

This means that each account or user is unique and has an individual email and password to login and access it. Don’t let the cloud-based access scare you though. ClickUp also offers offline mode, so even without internet, you’ll still be able to do a ton of stuff!

In a nutshell, ClickUp, gives you the capability to organize tasks, track projects, and collaborate with your clients, team, or your family.

  • Running a business? Use it to collaborate with your team, assign responsible people to ensure projects are getting completed, and optimize business efficiency.
  • Maybe you’re a student? Use it to map out deadlines, club activities, and (gasp!) dates.
  • Ah! Perhaps you’re a parent like me?! Use it to track chores, budgets, and well… also important dates!

Bottomline: Anyone who needs to be a little bit (or A LOT) more productive will benefit from using ClickUp.

But don’t use ClickUp for this (please?)…

Although this tool is going to revolutionize how you take on tasks and plow through projects… Alas, ClickUp is NOT the tool that rules all tools.

So, let’s run through what ClickUp is NOT, so that you can optimize this beast:

1. NOT a Customer Resource Management Tool (CRM)

Just as you cannot take screws off using a sledgehammer, you should also focus on using your biz tools based on function.

ClickUp shouldn’t be used as your sole CRM.

There, I said it!

Now, don’t get me wrong, it does have some flexibility and other diverse features that makes it possible, but it’s not going to be an efficient move.

The Chrome extension allows you to attach emails to tasks for tracking, but you still need to open the email in your email service provider platform to reply and send that email, unless you use a third party tool for integration or automation.

I personally use Book Like A Boss, Company Hub, and Dubsado, then hook it to my ClickUp. This is a unique workflow… one is for the beginning of my sales process, the other is at the end. I’m also tracking the tasks associated with my lead process into the client management process with these tools.

2. NOT an Accounting and Finance Software

ClickUp is not an accounting payroll or finance software.

It has the capabilities to do some formulas and run reports, but it is not good practice to try and force ClickUp into something it’s not intended for.

Its mainly for project and task management, so you can use it to make templates and assign tasks related to accounting or payroll, but not robust enough to run comprehensive finance reports.

I use wave apps to track my Finance Friday tasks in ClickUp. Plus, I know an awesome team of ClickUp consultants who works specifically with bookkeepers. Next,

3. NOT a Document Repository

ClickUp is not a document repository or a relational database (like such as Airtable or MySQL).

You can create basic task links and add tasks to multiple lists, but there isn’t a good two way sync on many layers. You can probably use ClickUp to connect to Google drive, Dropbox, and Airtable, but that will depend on the complexity of your setup.

It can be a simple native connection from one to the other, or by using third party tools such as Zapier, Integromat, or Integrately.

Personally, I like to use ClickUp with Airtable, Google drive and Zapier.

Why you need ClickUp:

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1 / 6

clickup solution 1

  1. Since it isn’t industry specific, anyone can customize and design their ClickUp base to suit their unique structure and needs.
  2. Makes task and project management a breeze, especially since it integrates with most apps and platforms – so you don’t need to run 10 different apps to get the job done!
  3. You can skip spending $$$ on those sticky-notes and free your brain space by using a tool that’s robust enough to handle all your project and task management needs.
  4. Be able to easily track who’s working on what and even be able to track how long it takes for them to complete each task.
  5. If you find yourself stuck and need help, they have a vast collection of tutorials and FAQs that makes finding the answer super easy. But if that doesn’t work, they also have stellar customer support (available 24/7 live chat!).
  6. Last but not the least, they continue to update features based on what users (that’s us!!!) need – there are polls and you can even send in requests.


Life is overwhelming, but we don’t have to endlessly track ALL the things on one too many apps and platforms… and this is where ClickUp steps in to save the day!

clickup landing page feature highlight screenshot

ClickUp feature highlights:

  • process management
  • task management
  • time management
  • connect favorite tools natively (via integrations)
  • customizable
  • perfect for team collaborations

So, if you’re looking for a robust task and project management tool that’s capable of streamlining and optimizing your processes, then you should definitely give ClickUp a try.

Not only is it a centralized, convenient, and organized tool that allows you to handle what life has to throw at you, but it can also give you the motivation you need to take them on and achieve your personal and career goals.


Did I mention you can start with a free ClickUp account? Yes, you can sign up and use this amazing tool to save your sanity and test it out yourself for free. If you do decide to upgrade, I’ll get a small commission, but you won’t regret it because you’ll just be able to use the better features.

Ambitious Wishes and I’ll see you around.

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