How to Have EFFECTIVE Team Meetings in ClickUp

Effective Team Meetings in ClickUp Click to Watch the full Video Tutorial

So you’ve made the leap. You are rocking your task management using ClickUp, but your team communication and meetings are a hot mess. You’re not entirely sure how, or if ClickUp is even capable of tracking them. You don’t know where the best places to document the agenda or how to even structure them. But don’t worry. I got you. 

I’m going to teach you how to maximize your team communication and structure  your project meetings.

We’re going to cover 3 Key areas to make this possible. 

  1. Where to put the meeting folder. 
  2. How to format an agenda template
  3. How to make a dashboard to keep everyone on the same page. 

First, we’re going to talk about the meeting folder. 

This is for your structure of your team meetings inside ClickUp

 As you can see from the screenshot  I’ve got a focus meetings folder. 

ClickUp Meeting Folder

 Inside the folder, I’ve got three lists: 

  1. This month,
  2. one on ones
  3. upcoming topics 

Now this folder is located inside the ClickUp Global Template Library and search for meetings. 

Once you search it will pop up and you can use this. But, I’ve made some adjustments and added features.  This free template will give you a foundation to start with. 

So inside this focus meetings folder, I’ve actually gone ahead and I’ve added the board view. And inside the board view, I’ve actually added this as a required view for everyone.

And I’ve actually turned it so  that it’s default. So anyone that if anyones comes into the focus meetings folder they can actually see the board view of the workflow of the meetings with all the different statuses. 

ClickUp Pro Tip to get block scheduling effect

Now here’s a pro tip. You want to make a weekly meeting schedule view, add your custom fields, and you need to shut off your show Hour  grid lines option. This is going to make it look nice and clean and achieve that block schedule look. 

The lists have all different meeting tasks. And they also have different custom fields for things like notes, topics, the team type. And if you need to add in a conference room that’s a custom field as well. 

The list for one on ones:  This is great for if you need to have meetings with just clients or individual team members. 

Then you also  have your upcoming topics list, you can brain  dump in this area. 

Now let’s talk about the meeting agenda.

The meeting agenda is a document template inside this folder template. 

You’ve got your table of contents.  You have your meeting info, your meeting topics separated into  things like: 

  • in progress
  • to do 
  • Backlog
  • Overdue
  • upcoming tasks 
  • next steps

The meeting info area has all of your meeting information. Your meeting topics actually have links to the tasks in each stage. 

ClickUp Pro Tip for saving the meeting agenda in a task template

my pro tip. You’re going to save this task as a template with this agenda doc, inside the task description so that you can apply this template and edit the agenda directly from the meeting task every time. To do that you need to copy the URL from the DOC page and paste it into the task description using the slash command /embed. [ URL ] 

To make your life easier here is a link to my public Meeting Agenda Template

Just Click the Link, select your workspace and make sure to check the box to save it as a template inside your workspace to use later on. 

Lastly, The meeting dashboard. 

This is going to give you effective communication and make sure everyone is on the same page inside your ClickUp

As you can see from the screenshot below this is the meeting dashboard. 

ClickUp Meeting Dashboard

You have a few text box  widgets. 

The first text widget is just a focus meeting. Quick view. This is a publicly shared link that’s embedded into this text box widget  so people can actually see what’s coming up on the agenda for the next meeting, but they can’t edit it.

 The next one is the meeting document repository. This is where you can actually put direct links to keep all of the other meeting agendas inside here.  This is also a text box widget. 

The meeting dashboard  discussion widget. This is where everyone can have communication about any upcoming topics or things that they need to for that meeting.

Then you have your meeting schedule. This is just a public link embedded  inside your dashboard for your meeting schedule so that everybody can see all of the upcoming meetings. 

Then the last thing you have is your project portfolios. This is a project manager’s dream. You can keep everyone on the same page and you can host all of your meetings just from this dashboard. 

It’s got all of the information right there. You can share the dashboard with other people on the team. So you can even make specific meeting dashboards, different departments or different teams. 

ClickUp Pro Tip add a zoom button using the slash command

 pro tip, add a zoom button for regular meeting cadences so everyone can find it easily. It’s a slash command. You just type /slash [button}  insert the button and add the zoom link to it. 

 Now you’re ready to take your hot mess meetings and turn them into goal  smashing machines. 

If you missed my last video on how to set a daily routine and ClickUp head over there and watch that!

Ambitious Wishes and I’ll see you around.

Quick reminder: AmbitiousVA rebranded to Anne Leah & Co., to serve a bigger purpose.

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