Meet Anne:

I’m a natural leader, strategic partner, and integrator filled with empathy & charisma.

In 2018 I was suddenly let go from a Corporate IT job with 4 years of IT Project Management experience. In 2019 I started my online entrepreneurial journey as a Virtual Assistant under AmbitiousVA and became one of the first Vetted ClickUp Consultants to start offering ClickUp Implementation & Training.  

During the 2020 Pandemic I quickly pivoted my services to offer quick-win consulting calls to help businesses currently using ClickUp or exploring ClickUp to pivot and navigate the new “remote” work economy.  

All this time as a Vetted ClickUp Consultant under my AmbitiousVA brand, I started noticing a trend of business owners & CEO’s  who thought ClickUp would fix their problems. (Talk about a hard pill to swallow, when I helped them realize ClickUp is just a tool) This sparked my desire to become a Certified Director of Operations and I successfully completed that program in July of 2021. 

You should also know that in the middle of a job loss, starting a business, and navigating a pandemic my family doubled in size and I acquired a husband, 2 bonus daughters and gave birth to another child. Totaling our family to 7. 

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16 Personalities

The 16 personalities test is a personality assessment that categorizes individuals into 16 personality types based on their preferences in four key areas, such as Extraversion/Introversion, Sensing/Intuition, Thinking/Feeling, and Judging/Perceiving, to provide insight into their natural tendencies and behaviors.


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I’m a rebel mom with a love for Entrepreneurship, the outdoors, motorcycles & everything they all stand for.

Freedom, empowerment & taking risks. 

The biggest lesson I learned (the hard way) was that work/life balance is a fucking myth. There was no way to balance all the chaos happening in and around us. This forced me to learn how to achieve work + life + family integration. 

Thus sparked the rebrand to Anne Leah & Co., LLC and the Fuel Your Legacy(™) movement.

Anne Leah & Co’s Mission:

At we partner with rebel entrepreneurial couples to audit and identify problems within your existing small or startup business(s). Our focus is to transform your organization into a systemized Legacy that makes more money and creates more freedom. Our goal is to help you achieve work, life, family integration with strategic planning, consulting, tools & resources to help Fuel Your Legacy(™) at every level of Entrepreneurship.

Our Values:


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Let’s take a test drive! Hit the button below and book a ½ hour pick my brain session. We’ll talk about whatever you need help with. Do you need clarity? Do you need direction? You don’t know what you need? I can help.

My experience has told me that there are 2 people that make a business successful. One is the visionary (YOU!) and the other is the integrator (ME!). Okay, I stole that from the book Rocket Fuel, but I’m a firm believer and I’ve seen it in action. (It’s a beautiful thing!)

I have an obsession with business, engines and technology. What do all 3 have in common? They all have different parts that have to function together and integrate to RUN. Book the call, I guarantee it’ll be the best half hour of your day.