6 Easy Steps for Virtual Team Management

Have you been trying to manage your team virtually for the last year or so? And are you feeling like it’s totally derailed your business while you’re in the right place? I got just the thing to help ease your transition to online team management. In this post, I’ll run through how to get your team back on track using ClickUp in just 6 easy steps. 

6 Easy Steps to Improve Your Team Management (using ClickUp)

Managing your team can get tricky, what with all the new team management apps available in the market now, but there’s a way to keep things sweet and simple.

Here are my 6 steps to better team management + my pro tips to keeping things more streamlined.

Step 1: Choose a Tool

Obviously, ClickUp is my tool of choice! If you’re new here and you need to know more about this tool, go check out my post on what is ClickUp and why you need it.

Pro tip: make a list of non-negotiable items that your organization needs to be successful for team management.

This includes features like:

  • Chat
  • Real-time collaboration on documents
  • Task management
  • Automations
  • Tool integrations
  • Excellent customer support (for when tech issues arise)

Step 2: Have a Kickoff Meeting

It’s important to always be on the same page as your team, especially when working remotely. So, have a kickoff meeting to set expectations on using this new mission-critical software for the team. The sooner they get the hang of the tool, the better they can work on their own.

Pro tip: show them how to update their notifications and profile settings inside the new tool first and foremost, or they will get discouraged with all the noise from the new platform.

Step 3: Document Procedures

Make sure that your procedures are documented and easily accessible for everyone. You can have these procedures broken down into simpler steps on an actual document and then supplement it with a video tutorial or walk-through.

If you need help with standard operating procedures, I have another post that will guide you through simple SOPs.

Step 4: Designate a Team Manager

Designate internally, or hire someone that’s going to help manage the team inside of your project management tool. This can be a project manager, a department manager, an operations manager, or even a ClickUp champion (a.k.a. Vetted ClickUp Consultant).

Don’t just do everything yourself, since this will inevitably lead to burnout (and we don’t want that happening… ever!)

Pro tip: Make sure that your company has an updated organizational chart for reference and document roles & responsibilities.

Step 5: Create Incentive

To help with your virtual team management, you’re going to create an incentive for using the tool and show them that it can be fun and easy. This will help increase their usage and adoption of the tool and make team management much easier.

You cannot manage the team virtually if they are not using the same tool.

Pro tip: Use a company-wide dashboard and the workspace points widget. This can make for a fun, competitive incentive towards rewards for those actively using the new tool. You can make the rewards based on individuals or department engagement.

If you’re new to using ClickUp dashboards, I also have a beginners dashboard blog post that you can check out.

And last but not least step 6: Hold Regular Meetings!

You need to have regular meetings to check in with everyone to address concerns regarding communications tasks, or any other issues that they have and actively listen to them. However, meetings can also be a huge time-suck, so make sure to plan ahead and prepare the necessary documents to stay focused on the agenda. If certain issues are more efficiently relayed through an email, then send that email and follow up accordingly.

Pro tip: Create the meeting agenda, summary of tasks and next steps using the document function of the team management tool you’re using. Make sure to keep it accessible for all the key team members, so that they can refer to it whenever necessary. This shows them just how useful the tool can be, and will help everyone stay accountable.

Now that we’ve covered six easy steps to help manage your team, don’t forget to download my ClickUp playbook. That includes my two most popular templates for the daily method of operation and effective team meetings.

Lastly, if you’re struggling to find time to do everything, don’t forget to check out my blog post for time management hacks using ClickUp.

Ambitious wishes and I’ll see you around!

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