5 KEY Features in ClickUp That Will INCREASE Your Productivity!

Are you having a hard time keeping up with the new ClickUp that are being released? Is it causing shiny object syndrome?

ClickUp has released 18 game changing features in just the 30 days. That’s an average of 5 features a week! I love ClickUp and the variety of features they are throwing at us. (Seriously, this dev team must have a nonstop flow of coffee, they are machines!) But it can be difficult to keep up and pin point the features that will keep you the most productive. So, in this video I am going to tell you the 5 features you need to be using in ClickUp right now and why they are guaranteed to sky rocket your productivity and keep shiny object syndrome under control.

If you don’t already know, I’m Anne. I’m an ambitious productivity consultant. I help turn other businesses and entrepreneurs into productivity powerhouses using ClickUp. I do this by making training videos using real life examples from my clients and own personal setup. So, if you’re ready to Level Up Your ClickUpsubscribe and hit the bell to be notified every time I upload a new video.

Here are the top 5 features that you need to be using in ClickUp to instantly increase your productivity and become your own ClickUp Hero. Counting down from 5, and I’ll reveal the most overlooked and underused feature at #1.

Feature Five: DOC Templates

Standard Operating Procedures become FUN!

I can’t preach enough about SOPs. Plan your structure, review your business bottlenecks and stay productive because your entire team is on the right path and knows exactly what to do for each part of their job. SOP’s just got a whole lot easier and frankly more fun with the DOC templates. No more copy/paste or download as HTML and re-uploading from a public URL. Yes, that was the old way. Let’s go through my system and I’ll show you 3 DOC Templates I use and why.

  1. SOPs
  2. YouTube Production Script
  3. Weekly Focus Meeting Agenda

The Weekly focus Meeting agenda came about when Yvonne Heimann of AskYvi and I partnered up to form ClickUp In Real Life.

Feature Four: Automation

ClickBot to the rescue!

Yeah, slightly cliche, I’m jumping on the automation bad wagon. For good reason! It’s such a time saver for repetitive actions. Before we were using Zapier and Integromat just to do simple internal actions. Let me show you my 3 most used automation combinations and how easy it is to set them up!

  1. When Status Changes Move to List
  2. New task is create add assigned comment and estimate time
  3. When Status changes add assignee and change due date

Feature Three: Embed

You can embed almost anything!

This is hands down the most used feature I tell my clients to use when they are struggling with using multiple tools. This is also what makes ClickUp the best for an all-in-one system and keeps you productive without leaving the platform. Lets cover the 3 ways I use embeds in my system and how easy it is to set them up.

  1. My CRM (Hubspot) – Emailing without going to Google
  2. My Booking System – BLAB
  3. Inside Tasks – video training links

Feature Two: Me Mode

If you are more then a 3 person team. You need to be using Me Mode. Whilst the new home feature is fantastic. The #1 question I hear when it comes to bigger teams is “how do I only see what I need to do?”

The answer is simple. Me Mode.

If you are an admin or owner, make it a point to show your team how to use this on a regular basis like their lives depend on it.

They’ll be able to instantly filter out the noise, focus on their most important tasks and over all increase their productivity and efficiency. Plus, if they need to add one off tasks, they can do it in Me Mode and have them auto assigned to themselves.

Pro-Tip. (if you’re a one man or woman show, only assign the most important tasks for yourself a week in advance) Then while working you can toggle on Me-Mode and get lazer focused on your most important priorities or for that week.

Feature One: Goals

The number one feature that’s the least used is GOALS!

So when I worked in Corporate IT as a client success manager we were drilled non-stop about SMART GOALS. (yawn!) Kudos to you if you can even rattle off what each part of the acronym is. It was the most boring and dry planning method (ever) While the method is awesome, and it works, it took a lot to plan it out to work properly and was quite frankly nap material. Stay with me here!

The goals feature in ClickUp is like a SMART Goal with a super Mario mushroom.

Here’s why:

  • They’re target based.
  • They’re team wide.
  • They’re on an already amazing platform.
  • They are pretty simple to setup and track once you learn and
  • They are fun to review and track progress.

My number 1 SMART Goal in ClickUp is my interactive ClickUp Training. I setup every one of my custom consulting clients with a training template for each team member inside their ClickUp. Then, I set them up with a business wide goal and add each member’s training folder as a target with due dates for them and the overall team.

The best part about it, the client can add a fun reward at the end if they make the entire goal by the target date and can track the whole teams progress.

Quick reminder: AmbitiousVA rebranded to Anne Leah & Co., to serve a bigger purpose.

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