3 SIMPLE Steps to Get Your Team Hooked on ClickUp with VIP Onboarding!

Are you still trying to figure out the best way to do VIP onboarding for new team members in ClickUp? Ever wondered how to incorporate team onboarding into an evergreen process for turnovers you might have within your organization? Have you gotten a TON of resistance with unleashing a new project management tool within your organization? Well, in this guide, I’m giving away how my secret ClickUp VIP Onboarding Experience works, and how it’s evolved over the years of perfecting it for my clients!

My 3 SECRET steps for a ClickUp VIP Onboarding experience that will ease ANY team into using ClickUp:

Step 1: Give your team individual (self-driven) interactive basic training folders

This works for members with varying ClickUp access. This interactive training folder contains embedded easy-to-follow videos separated into modules (as lists) and interactive tasks and/or subtasks inside your ClickUp training space.

The VIP ClickUp onboarding experience begins here.

The minute they get invited into the worskpace, they have to start going through the training folders where they’re individually assigned so that it acts as a safe place to complete their training and track their progress.

Only the ClickUp Champion and team member will have access to that folder, so that in the event there’s ever an issue or a need for clarification, the ClickUp Champion can step in and provide support. This also means that the folders permission settings will be set to PRIVATE.

Now, you’ll want to make sure you have a training assessment form available and give them a task with a link for them to take it once the task is completed. This serves as a milestone in their ClickUp onboarding process, and serves to provide insights on how the training went and allow them to ask additional questions. It’s super useful when developing an agenda for LIVE team trainings!

Pro Tip: Make sure you write out this onboarding experience inside your ClickUp Handbook step by step for your ClickUp Champion and set time estimates on the training modules so the team can schedule the time in their day to complete them or binge them on a weekend!

Step 2: Host a LIVE training on basic ClickUp navigation

Once your team has gotten acquainted with ClickUp, you’ll need to demonstrate basic navigation. Show them how to get access and make use of the home view, favorites, task tray, and customize notifications to suit their needs. It’s important to highlight the ClickUp Commandments and workspace-wide expectations, as well as practice using assigned comments and mentions.

Pro Tip: Grab my ClickUp Playbook, to download your DMO Template, and ClickUp Handbook DOC Template. It includes all the beginner tasks to do every day and all the ClickUp commandments and a section to write out your very own ClickUp VIP Onboarding process.

Step 3: Teach your team to find & create 3 basic dashboards

This is a great skill to share with your team as they’re getting more and more comfortable with using ClickUp. I recommend a group demo of no more than 5 members, maybe even separate by roles or departments.

3 Super Useful (Basic) Dashboards to Show Your Team:

  1. Brain Dumping Dashboard – You can learn more about this dashboard in this post I wrote about, How to create 2 Beginner Dashboards that will GROW your productivity in ClickUp!
  2. Company-wide Dashboard – This is where your company handbook lives, includes a chat area where your team/departments can talk, features the Quarterly Goals, as well as the ClickUp handbook for easy reference. If you want to learn more about the ClickUp Handbook, go check out my video on team communication in ClickUp.
  3. ClickUp Training Report – The ClickUp Champion needs a way to make sure that everyone is on the same page and are following through with the tasks. Before jumping straight into LIVE trainings and feature demos, the team must first be comfortable with navigating ClickUp. This is essentially a portfolio made up of folders from each individual team member’s ClickUp onboarding training to enable the ClickUp Champion to identify bottlenecks and track team progress.

Pro Tip: Gamify ClickUp by offering a reward at the end of a week for the person with the most workspace-wide points, and make sure they understand that the MORE they use ClickUp during that week the more points they’ll earn!

All you need to do is use the Workspace Points Widget, on your Training Report Dashboard. Then by the end of week 3, you’ll be amazed how easily everyone evolves and starts using ClickUp on a regular basis.


My secret ClickUp VIP Onboarding Experience success’ can be broken down to following 3 actionable steps:

  1. Give your team individual (self-driven) interactive basic training folders.
  2. Host a LIVE training on basic ClickUp navigation.
  3. Teach your team to find & create 3 basic dashboards.

You can check out how to do these by going through my videos or booking a one-on-one consult with me. After all, these steps become less overwhelming with the support of a ClickUp Champion (aka vetted ClickUp consultant).

Hope this helped you gain more insight on how to best onboard your team with one of the best project management tools available in the industry!

Ambitious wishes and I’ll see you around~

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