10+ Easy Steps to Clean Up Your ClickUp

Tired of spending countless hours trying to keep your ClickUp spick and span? Have you been having a hard time keeping up with all the cool new features ClickUp has to offer… and has testing #ALLTHETHINGS started to make your base way too disorganized for comfort? If you answered, “Yes!” to any of these, then let’s jump straight into my 10+ easy steps to clean up your ClickUp (to help you stay on top of your projects like a badass boss).

13 Things You CAN Do To Tidy Up Your ClickUp:

Regardless if it’s a fresh new year or in the middle of a business quarter, I think we can all agree that everybody deserves a fresh start and, you know, just get those business things in order.

And the best ways to ‘GET THOSE THINGS IN ORDER’ is to put in the effort to meticulously optimize and maintain your business systems, processes, and tools of trade.

Now, much like any other tool in your business tech stack, you especially need to maintain ClickUp, so that it can continue to provide you and your team with a clear picture of what needs to be done, when it needs to get done, and how to fulfill the task requirements.

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1. Clean up structure & navigation

Start with cleaning up your ClickUp structure and your navigation. You’ll want to check the naming conventions and make sure that they’re consistent throughout your base. You should also consider hiding and even unhiding outdated or unused spaces, folders, and lists.

2. Remove unnecessary workspaces

Next, remove all those unnecessary workspaces from your account! All you do is go down to the bottom where your profile is, and then remove yourself from any accounts that you no longer need. You can also go into your settings, and from there, you’ll be able to see the workspaces that you’re a part of – so you actually have 2 ways to remove yourself from a workspace.

3. Clean up your favorites

As our business and responsibilities evolve, so too will your ‘favorites’. So, if you haven’t consider doing so, take this as a sign TO GO CLEAN UP YOUR FAVORITES. Most intermediate ClickUp users find this feature essential, so it’s good practice to keep your favorites relevant to your DMO.

4. Update your statuses

Updating your statuses should always be part of your routine ClickUp sweep. Now, remember that statuses are not the same as stages, so make sure that you apply and remap them accordingly.

5. Clean up your dashboards

If you are new to using ClickUp and are just starting to play with dashboards, or maybe you’re more of a dashboard junkie and you use them all the time, then you need to make sure that they’re updated and relevant.

Run through your dashboards and analyze which ones are still necessary. Objectives and deadlines change as we go, so removing dashboards that no longer serve its purpose will help ensure accurate data.

You’ll also want to update your widget settings and check for broken embeds, and this is super important after updating your statuses.

Now, you can opt to either add or remove shared dashboards, this is particularly useful for all project managers, OBMs, director of operations, consultants, and coaches.

If you have multiple dashboards and you are managing your clients with those dashboards, consider making this a part of your offboarding process or something that you do on a quarterly basis.

6. Clean up your ClickUp workspace every 3-4 months

Keeping your ClickUp clean and organized will not only help make it more functional, but it will also help you and your team be more efficient.

There, I said it!

Much like a house, ClickUp will need some TLC (a.k.a regular maintenance) to ensure that the whole place is as cozy and welcoming as possible. If you’re not 100% sold to the idea of tidying up your ClickUp, just think about the issues you might encounter by skipping upkeep. It might not be the most exciting activity (not for me though, I love organizing my ClickUp lol), but having regular ClickUp maintenance will, no doubt, save you so much time and effort in the long run.

7. Clean up your templates

After you clean up your dashboards, you’re going to want to go through and clean up your templates. Now, if you don’t know this, ClickUp actually released their new template manager! So, this is a good time to go through your existing templates, tweak them to what makes the most sense to you, resave them, and then add them inside the new template manager.

The new template manager is pretty cool, you can actually go to your settings and then click on template center. Now, when you’re in your new template center, you have the option to check out a variety of templates. You can drop images, you can give it descriptions, you can add tags, and you can also see what’s included in these templates. Now, there’s no longer a need to actually have a template space, but do make sure that your existing templates are updated and used accordingly.

Besides updating your existing templates, you should also consider deleting any templates that you don’t need.

8. Clean out your notifications and overdue tasks

After you’ve cleaned up your templates, next thing to do is to run through your notifications and overdue tasks!

If you’re not doing this as part of your regular daily routine, then you need to start doing that TODAY. This is important, you need to check out your notifications area and clean out all the overdue, outstanding notifications… and don’t forget to do this in your other workspaces.

9. Organize documents or delete the ones that are no longer needed

We’re still waiting for ClickUp to release a better way to organize documents from the documents home area… like, folders would be reaaaaally great (please & thank you!), but until then, this is a good time to just go into your home area, go through everything, and pick which ones can stay and which ones need to be removed.

Updates SOPs? Keep.

Unfinished drafts? Take a peek and see if it’s worth keeping.

Pro tip: You can also move them to an area inside ClickUp to give it a little bit more structure and organization.

10. Clean up your views

This is another area that needs a little bit of attention inside ClickUp, especially for multiple teams and there are just too many views!

Some key things to focus on here is deleting unnecessary views, renaming them so that you know what they’re used for, then repeat this for each level as you need to – on a list, a folder,  and space. You also can save and apply new templates to these views, then clean them out or update your views as templates.

11. Update your users and roles, if applicable

After you’ve cleaned up those views, let’s go and let’s update your user roles!

Now, updating users and roles is an important thing that quite a lot of people miss, this can often lead to non-essential users to stick around when they no longer need to. So, what you want to do is check all users and roles, then check which ones are guests, admins, and full members.

The goal here is to only share access to those who need it.

This not only improves communication in your team and help tighten security, but it also saves you money since you’re not paying for access that could have worked with a guest-level access.

Keep that in mind, make those updates, and you’ll thank yourself later!

12. Organize your outstanding brain dumps (e.g. dashboards and notepads)

Review and convert them to tasks and add them to specific lists and then delete unnecessary items OR you can archive them. Get those suckers out of there when cleaning up your ClickUp workspace, review your workspace by task and make sure that they’re applicable to the entire workspace.

13. Review workspace-wide tags

You can do that by opening up any task and clicking on Edit Tags. Now, you can search or you can create more. I got quite a few random tags that don’t really apply or mean anything, so what I do is just click on the ellipsis and I would either rename it, change the color, or delete it.

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